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Building and Refurbishing Christian Ministries

Anyone who wants to support Christian ministries so they have the appropriate facilities, can by volunteering with MMM because we build, renovate and maintain properties used in
Christian outreach. 

Our Christian building services can assist in the building, renovating and
maintaining of any property used in Christian activity and service.
We are proud to offer this service completely free of charge through the help of
truly passionate volunteer builders and handymen. 



Volunteer to build, renovate and maintain properties used in Christian outreach

You can serve Christian ministries of New Zealand by volunteering with MMM, a day, a week a month. We seek servant-hearted tradespeople and handymen and women to serve on our projects where together we will build, renovate and maintain properties used in Christian outreach. 

You will meet new friends, learn new skills and make a difference by your practical help and encourage those you serve.

"If variety is the spice of life, and change is as good as a holiday, then working with MMM is one big spicy holiday!"

- Barbara Robinson, Mobile Team Member

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If you are looking for a practical way to serve God and help people in New Zealand and around the world, you can do exactly that with MMM!

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Striving to meet the building and maintenance needs of God's global kingdom

MMM New Zealand is an international mission organisation established to help Christian ministries with their building and maintenance needs. MMM New Zealand commenced in 1975 as a service mission to support missionary activity in outback Australia. MMM New Zealand has been established in New Zealand since 1994 with a centre at Pirongia, 10 minutes west of Te Awamutu and approximately 30 minutes south of Hamilton. As well as the work in New Zealand and Australia, MMM New Zealand sends short term teams in to the South Pacific and has centres in Zambia, Hong Kong, South Africa, and Thailand.

Ministries assisted include education, health care, outreach, evangelism and church planting ministries, local and overseas churches and faith missions in both New Zealand and around the world. 

A Word from Howard Robinson

MMM New Zealand Director

It is exciting to see how God is calling men and women of all ages to join a mission team which is committed to “Building… Empowering people”. MMM New Zealand is constantly receiving requests for assistance to build and renovate churches, camps, Christian Schools etc, both here in NZ, the South Pacific and beyond. With people committing themselves to the work of MMM New Zealand, we can affirm our ability to assist many Christian organisations with their building and maintenance projects, allowing them to devote their energies to their mission. You can be partners with MMM New Zealand as you work with us, as you pray, as you contribute financially to MMM New Zealand’s needs and as you stand with us by encouragement. Thank you for your participation in this dynamic ministry.

Our Team

Betty Brown

Betty Brown
David & June Gennard

David & June Gennard
Roy & Rachael Hogan

Roy & Rachael Hogan
Wayne MacCarthy

Wayne MacCarthy
Chris and Jen McLean

Chris and Jen McLean
Robyn & Marty McKone

Robyn & Marty McKone
Lejf Pedersen

Lejf Pedersen
Howard & Ave Robinson

Howard & Ave Robinson

Our Mission

MMM New Zealand exists to enhance the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the ministry of building, both people and facilities to serve Christian work and workers in God’s global kingdom.

Our Vision

To see the Church empowered and
equipped with adequate facilities
appropriate to God’s mission.

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