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Practical Serving

If you are looking for a practical way to serve God and help people in New Zealand and around the world, you can do exactly that with MMM!

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission
MMM New Zealand exists to enhance the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the ministry of building, both people and facilities to serve Christian work and workers in God’s global kingdom.

Our Vision
To see the Church empowered and equipped with adequate facilities appropriate to God’s mission.

New Zealand Director, Howard Robinson

It is exciting to see how God is calling men and women of all ages to join a mission team which is committed to “Building… Empowering people”.
MMM is constantly receiving requests for assistance to build and renovate churches, camps, Christian Schools etc, both here in NZ, the South Pacific and beyond. With people committing themselves to the work of MMM, we can affirm our ability to assist many Christian organisations with their building and maintenance projects, allowing them to devote their energies to their mission. You can be partners with MMM as you work with us, as you pray, as you contribute financially to MMM’s needs and as you stand with us by encouragement. Thank you for your participation in this dynamic ministry.
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