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Serving those who Serve

There are many ways for practical people to help MMM support Christian ministries across the world just give us a call!

A word from our servers...

"We worked in YWAM for years. Then a few years ago we once again found ourselves available for ministry, but we didn't know which ministry. So we Googled missions and found MMM! Being DIYers we felt MMM was something we could do. What we enjoy is when people thank us at the end of a project and time and again they say, "Thank you. We could not have done this work without you."  And really that makes it all worthwhile." - Part time, semi retired, volunteers

To donate via online banking

The bank account number is: 030442 0148838 00. Please notify the office to ensure you receive your tax deductible receipt. Thanks so much!

Practical Support

Through MMM, teams of tradesmen and professionals are working to help build up the kingdom of God – brick by brick, stone by stone, project by project – as we support ministries across the world.

If you have a trade or office skills, or are simply a handy person with time to spare, MMM can provide a way for you to use your skills and energy to further the Kingdom of God…right here on earth.

Whether you’re looking for a full time commitment, a part-time pastime or a short-term project, you can get involved with MMM.

Staff Members are full-time members of the ministry who have joined us in response to a ‘clear call of God’. They are commended by a supporting church. Usually they bring trade or admin skills to the team and help us ensure we’re effective in achieving our aims. They either live in their own home, provided homes at the MMM Centre or in their mobile homes allowing them to travel from project to project.

Volunteers are the backbone of our organisation. Volunteers usually work with us part-time on an ongoing basis, helping with a range of tasks on projects, at MMM Centres, or as prayer group conveners. An MMM volunteer is anyone with a heart to serve. MMM also has Associate Members. Associate Members are those who have served as volunteers and MMM wishes to acknowledge their ongoing commitment by inviting them to be Associate Members. 

Mobile Teams

Many folk find friendship, fellowship and fun as part of a Mobile Team. As the name implies, mobile teams travel from place to place fulfilling various building and maintenance needs. There are ‘Mobile Teams’ which are on the road full time manned by staff,  Associate Members, and volunteers with folk coming for a project or two as their time allows. 

Mobile Teams have remained a vital aspect of MMM. Being mobile is an effective way to meet the needs nationally, particularly in isolated areas. Each team member owns their own work tools and basic equipment necessary for the variety of building and maintenance tasks.  Mobile team members live in caravans or self-contained campers. Their vehicles are personally owned and maintained. All mobile team members are responsible for all their personal living expenses.

Prayer Support

Prayer is vital to the ministry of MMM. 

Prayer Force is a daily prayer list sent out monthly. If you would like to be a part of this vital ministry contact the MMM office to either receive the Prayer Force by post or email.

Prayer groups meet regularly in various parts of the country to pray for the ministry of MMM.For enquiries about dates and times contact the MMM Centre at Pirongia.

Financial Support

MMM is a faith Mission, depending on God's provision. MMM provides its assistance free of charge so that the groups MMM help, can complete their Christian work. For MMM to be able to do this, each MMM worker is a volunteer.

Financial provision for MMM comes through individuals, churches, businesses and sometimes, the groups which have been helped by MMM. These funds are used to cover operating and capital development costs of the work. This allows MMM to use all funds donated, for its purposes.
MMM is a registered charitable trust, financial donations are tax deductible. Particular avenues of giving include:

  • General donations.
  • Donations specifically for particular aspects of the work.
  • Bequests. Bequests are a special way in which people can bless the ministry of MMM, through their Last Will and Testament.
  • Sponsorship of students at the Vocational Training Centre in Zambia.

Donate via online banking. Account number: 030442 0148838 00

Please notify the MMM office so ensure you receive your end of year tax deductible receipt. 

Farmers Fellowship

Farmers have, since the inception of MMM, played a vital role. There are those who have and continue to provide livestock for sale, produce for the Mission and staff to use.

This has and continues to provide a much needed source of income for God’s work and also provides an avenue for busy farmers to be directly involved in mission.Would you like to be involved in this way? Could you help with farm produce? Have you any time on your hands between seasons that you could assist MMM in various ways? Or are you leaving the farm, not sure what you can do? It may be that God has a role for you in MMM that will suit your skills and provide a fulfilling lifestyle in service for Him, who gave you those skills and resources in the first place.You can do this by:Direct donation of livestock, cull cows, weaner calves etcGrazing MMM livestock on your property free of chargeGifting of animals to MMM at birth, raising until marketable age and then selling on behalf of MMM,providing milk powder and/or meal for feeding calves.If you would like to assist please contact the MMM Centre or Maurice Turner 07 888 8366, or 0274 984 993 Matamata.

MMM Supporters

MMM Supporters offer additional help to the continuing work of MMM. MMM Supporters are groups of people in a particular region who meet regularly to pray for the work of MMM and raise funds to support the work of the Mission.

MMM Supporters operate in conjunction with staff throughout New Zealand, helping to raise funds and assisting with needs of the Mission. Each year these Supporters provide financial assistance to purchase essential items for the Mission, e.g. equipment purchases, as well as to raise financial support for MMM staff in New Zealand.

However, fundraising is only part of the MMM Supporters’ function. These groups meet regularly to pray for MMM staff members and work projects, as well as to give encouragement to team members.To achieve these aims, MMM Supporters organise bi-monthly fellowship days, craft stalls, and other activities.MMM Supporters event details are available from the MMM Centre in Pirongia.


People who are retired or contemplating retirement can find a fulfilling lifestyle in mission work in MMM.

Many people with skills and talents that the world does not seem to want any more, can use them in a rewarding way in God’s service. The MMM ministry provides a way for retirees to work part time or full time in a large range of activities which can utilise their skills and talents without the pressures associated with secular work.

Further, many people are now becoming redundant in the secular workforce years before the acknowledged retirement age. Retirees today are members of the 'baby boomer' generation and belong to the healthiest, wealthiest and best educated generation of mature aged Christians in the history of New Zealand.So, if retirement is sitting heavy on your shoulders, and you feel the world is passing you by, know that God hasn’t, and that He has work for you to do. Contact the MMM Centre. It could be the start of a new life for you!

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